Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Copyright infringement. Your landing page

Is this a scam? Have you received this email? If you have, please leave a comment below. A colleague received this regarding a site he's owned for 10 years. The site it claims he copied has been up for a year.

"Regarding your landing page located at: yourwebsite.com This letter is to notify you that you are in direct violation ofInternational Copyright laws.Our website, http://XXXXXX, designed this layout, and you havecopied it almost verbatim, therefore you have infringed on our IP(Intellectual Property) as defined in the electronic copyright laws.We ask that you contact immediately to avoid legal action.Sincerely,P.S. - Due to the autoresponder you have set up we are under theimpression you use it as a tactic to avoid having to respond to yourEmails, therefore, you have 48 hours to respond to rhis message otherwiseLegal Action WILL be taken!"

My colleague replied, asking for contact details. This is the reply he received. The sender has refused to give his name or contact details.

Okay, you can visit Alexa here: Alexa Web Search - Results for XXXX and take a look at the thumbnail, or take a look at the documents I have attached. One is of your landing page, and one is of the StockPreacher.com landing page. I'm sure you'll remember where you got this "idea" from as soon as you look at the attachment, or thumbnail on Alexa.And YES, you did copy the website, the similarities are way to similar, and I will add, well within copyright infringement laws. The landing page is not in use by XXXX at present, but we do alternate different pages, THAT WE CREATED, while doing different beta/split testing for conversion purposes. - We wouldn't want these two pages to get mixed up or construed as one in the same now would we!?Let us please come to an amicable solution to this issue a.s.a.p. - should you wish to discuss this matter over the telephone, simply supply us with a number and we will have our attorney contact you directly.We would also like to take the time to add that this is only necessary to be done in order for the both of us maintain our individual identities, we are not trying to offend, or be rude to you and your team in any way. Seeing how the design was done by our team, we are simply asking that it be removed immediately."

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