Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Spybot 2009 - protect your privacy with spybot

This is a nasty piece of spyware. This has NOTHING TO DO with the real Spybot, which is a well respected antispyware program. Don't click on any of the links in this email. If your computer becomes infected it will become unusable, with lots of pop-ups warning you of infections on your computer. 

The Best privacy protection on the Net. Get immediate access and protect yourself with Spybot 2009.Detect, remove and block spyware from your PC.Download Spybot 2009 HereAward winning software for the past 5 years.Steven PatricksSpybot Protection

How do I know it has nothing to do with spybot? Look what I saw when I pointed my mouse at one of the links in the email. At the bottom left of my screen I could see this link:

This is NOT the download link for the real spybot. If you want the real Spybot, visit this link

If your computer does become infected I recommend you download and use malwarebytes.  This is the most effective piece of malware removal software that I know and I have used it successfully on many clients' computers.

There are two versions of malwarebytes.  

A paid for one: This version provides realtime protection.  It will remove even the most pernicious malware and actively protect your computer in the future.  This is an excellent piece of software for use on a family computer - or any computer whose user(s) may be less than 100% vigilant or confident about which links they are clicking on!

A free one: The free version is not pro-active and doesn't provide real time protection.  You will have to tell it to update and scan your computer..

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