Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Abbey Bank

With my tea and meusli this morning comes the news that the Abbey Bank are changing their daily withdrawal/purchase limits. Is there no end to the spammers cheek? How dare they tell me how much I can spend - it's my money, not theirs. Woops - I forget - the whole point of the email is so that they can get their sticky little hands on my money so it becomes theirs not mine.

As ever, tis all twaddle. Delete the email and DON'T enter of your bank log-in details, even if you are a customer of the Abbey.

You can get your own back on the scammers by having a good laugh at their expense. Head to the right of this post and grab a copy of "I'm Banking on it".

Dear Customer,
Latest News:Terms & Conditions:
We inform you that for security reasons from 10/11/2008 the Withdrawal/Purchase Daily Limits of Abbey Bank VISA debit card will be changed.
Click here to Start the Security Process.
When you log onto the service we will ask you to accept the updated Terms and Conditions.
Once you have accepted these, you will be able to access your accounts in the usual

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