Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Update and Verification of your Online Banking

The Alliance and Leicester are having trouble verifying my account. I can see their difficulty. I don't have an account with the A&L, that would make it hard.

It's rhubarb and custard, as usual. Just delete the email and DON'T click on any links.

Dear Valued Customer,During the regular update and verification of the Alliance & Leicester® Online Banking Service, we could not verify your current information. Some of the possible reasons for this are:
Changes in your current contact information.
Incomplete contact information. Hence, your access to use our services has been limited. To restore your online banking access, kindly update your current information byfollowing the link below.
Click here to update your account! Thank you for banking with Alliance & Leicester: TOGETHER, WE MAKE BANKING BETTER.
If I click on the link in the email, this is where I'm taken to. Not exactly the A&L I would say.Do you want to take a guess at what they want me to do next? Do you need 3 guesses? Course not, you got it one, didn't you.

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