Monday, 3 November 2008

Spam and Phishing

I've started a whole new blog dedicated to phishing emails and spam emails. They were becoming a popular subject on my computer advise blog and the advise was getting lost in a sea of phish. So here it is - a brand new blog - dedicated to the art of phishing and all things scammy, spammy and fake.

What is phishing? Phishers want one of two things usually. 1. Your bank account details - and no, they don't want to give you money. 2. They want you to send them money. These are known as 419 scams. Apparently because they started in Nigeria where 419 is the number of the criminal code covering fraud.

If you receive any of these emails, don't reply. Just delete them. You can't win a lottery/draw you haven't entered, an award you haven't applied for and no-one who dies leaving millions of dollars will be so relative/friendless that their lawyer needs to give the money to you.

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