Monday, 9 April 2012

Re: Hello My Friend

Clearly if "Mr Kelvin Walter" did work for HSBC "in the United Kingdom" he would be out of a job and probably in a Police cell by tomorrow morning.  Offering to give millions of dollars to random people isn't something the bank would be very keen on!
As it is, he doesn't work for HSBC or any other bank and he doesn't live in the UK.  His email was sent from Bucharest in Romania.
Ignore this scammer who is after your money and will happily take as much from as you are prepared to send him.

Good day,
This is a personal email directed to you for your consideration alone, I humbly request that it remain and be treated as such only. Please bear with me for I am a banker with HSBC in the United Kingdom. I have an interesting business proposal for you which I think will be of immense mutual benefit.Although this may be hard for you to believe, we stand to gain 7.2 million USD between us in a matter of days. Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out. I need you to signify your interest by replying to this email.
I will make more details available to you on receipt of a positive response from you. Please Do contact me only at my private email address: ( ) or call ( +44 701 704 7713 ).
Warm regards
Mr. Kelvin Walter

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Part-Time Vacancy

This is one of those "fill in the blanks" type scams.  The scammer is supposed to personalise the scam email. The bit where it says "welcoming speech" is supposed to be changed to something more sensible.  Clearly this scammer is short on brains and didn't realise that!

This could be part of a money laundering operation. These scams work like this.  You are sent a payment, asked to deduct your salary from it and then forward the rest to a third party.  After you've done this, the original payment is withdrawn from your bank account, leaving you out of pocket with no way of recovering the money that you forwarded.

Welcoming speech

I am a manager of the HR department of a large multinational company.

Our company is well known in various fields as follows:
- property
- bank account operations
- transportation and logistics
- private enterprise service
- etc.

We are making a regional managers’ team in Europe now:
- salary 2.500 euro + bonus
- partial employment
- free timetable

 If you are ready to work as a regional manager in Europe send us the below information:
h r @ w o r k w u g l t d . c o m (please delete spaces in email address before sending)
Mobile phone-number:

Attention! We are only looking for EU citizens!

Please provide you name and contact information in order we can find you for further communication.  


Obviously, if "Mrs Eunice Ansah" really was a dishonest bank auditor, she whouldn't send random emails to thousands of unknown people telling them just that.  She'd spirit the money away somewhere for her own use.

As she isn't anything she says, s/he has sent you this scam in the hope that you will fall for the idea of being given millions of (non-existent) dollars.  If you do, she will start asking you to send money, and she will continue to ask you to send money for as long as you are daft enough to send it.

Dear Friend, I am Mrs.Eunice Ansah,An Auditor in (ICB) Bank Ghana,I am here to bring to your notice that I have an important business transaction i wish to share with you which i know will benefit both of us. I am the Account Officer of late president of Libya,Mr.Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi who deposited the sum of $10.7 Million in my bank on the 29th,July 2009 and he would have laid a claim to the money in July 2011 as the date of maturity.But he could not due to his Political upheaval. Now non of the member's of his family knew about this fund since his death on October 20th 2011,And no one has come for the claim,My bank manager is expecting if any one of his family member will appear as his next of kin to this fund,Since no one has come for the claim,I am now contacting you to act as the next of kin to this inheritance fund to the late President. I don't want you to betray me at the end of this transaction and i don't want you to entertain any atom of fear in your mind upon this transaction for i have prepared myself before contacting you in this transaction. So 40% of this funds will be for you while i will take 60% of it.My share will assist me to start my own company which has been my dream and also help the less privileged one's. If you are interested kindly get back to me so that i will send you the detail's regarding the transaction and we shall go over the details one's i receive your urgent response. Best Regards: Mrs.Eunice Ansah International Commercial Bank.Ghana.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

This is a classic "advance fee" scam.  The scammer even tells you how much money to send them for your first payment.  I'm sure that if you make the mistake of sending them $150 they will quickly think of a reason to ask  you for more money.  They will keep asking you for money as long as you are daft enough to keep sending it.

You know as well as I do that you aren't expecting anyone to send you £14.6m.  Ignore this scammer.

Address Head Office:
Barclays Bank Plc
54 Lombard Street
Postcode EC3P 3AH
Fax: +448-447-742-592
Swift Credit Card (ATM)
You Might Be Very Verse With The Swift Credit Card System Through The (A.T.M) Automated Teller Machine System That Allows Beneficiarys Direct Access To Make Withdrawal Of Fund From Any International Banks In The World.
The Federal Government Under The Ministry Of Finance With The World Bank And IMF(International Monitory Fund) Has Adopted This Administrative Measure Owing To Various Complains/Petitions Received From Beneficiaries Owning To The Delays In Receiving Their Contract/Inheritance Fund As Expected.
Please be informed that this is a real and not a bogus card so be rest assured that the money will be cleared immediately a withdrawal is affected. I have made all the necessary arrangements to have card delivered to you at your nominated mailing address. All other documents such as your recommendation letter and certificate from the Economic Finance Unit confirming that these funds are fully free of any liens or encumbrances and are clean, clear and of non-criminal origin shall also be sent to you.
This Atm Card Contains Maximum Of 14.6million GBP. And you have a daily withdrawal limit of $5,000 GBP.
For your information, you are to bear the cost of mailing the ATM to you, the ATM Card will be mailed via a World Diplomatic Delivery Service to ensure that card is delivered to you wherever you are anywhere in the world, However, before I proceed, I would like you to re-confirm the below details. Receiving officer Mr. Harnden Duke will call you up immediately response is sent in.
1. Full name:
2. Telephone number:
3. Mailing address: {Residential address only}
The Options, Together With Their Associated Conditions Are Presented Below.
You Are Required To Pay The Necessary Courier Charges To Enable Me Send You Your Parcel?/B>
1. FedEx Delivery Company Duration for Delivery: 72 Hours Amount $150 USD
2. UPS Delivery Company Duration for Delivery Amount Next day Delivery $250 USD
3. DHL Delivery Company Duration for Delivery Amount 24 Hours of Delivery $350 USD
Contact: Mr. John Rob
Barclays Bank Plc
54 Lombard Street
Postcode EC3P 3AH
Fax: +448-447-742-592
Cell Phone: +44 703 592 2714
Treat As Urgent
Thanks for Your Co-Operation.
Best Regards,
Mr. Thomas Glasgow
Fax: +448-447-742-592
Remittance Manager
Barclays Bank Plc
Barclays Bank Plc. Registered In England. Barclays Bank Plc Is Authorized And Regulated By The Financial Services Authority (Fsa). Registered No 1026167. Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited Is Authorized And Regulated By The Fsa. Registered No 973765. Registered Office For Both: 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5hp. "The Woolwich" And "Woolwich" Are Trademarks And Trading Names Of Barclays Bank Plc.
Barclays Business Is A Trading Name Of Barclays Bank Plc. Barclays Bank Plc Subscribes To The Lending Code Which Is Monitored And Enforced By The Lending Standards Board And Is Licensed And Regulated By The Office Of Fair Trading For The Provision Of Credit Products To Consumers And Related Services.