Monday, 24 November 2008

Job., Emilio Ramos

Ladies and Gentlemen - we have a winner. No, not the longest email, or the most remote country of origin, or the least believable scam. This award is for the best originating email address. (which I think is a legitimate wedding site.)

The wedding site is, of course, the only legitimate thing here. There is no job and no-one whohasn't interviewed you and doesn't know you is going to pay you up to £25k for accessing the internet twice a day!!!

Just delete it. If you are desperate for extra cash, better to approach your local supermarket or factory to see if they have any casual work available.

Dear Job Seeker,Our corporation is expanding and we are looking for new employees in the UK. Job Benefits: * Overall annual wages of gbp10000-gbp25000; * Flexible working schedule; * Advanced bonus system;Main requirements and skills: * UK residents over 18 years of age; * Access to the Internet at least twice a day; * Understanding of basic computer operations; * Excellent self-organization and communication skills; * The ability to work independently with little supervision * Experience of other software packages including Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office etc.Actually we do not require any work experience. This job is perfect for students, moms and those who is looking for a good part-time/online job.Don`t waste your time, start your career right now.For more information or to schedule an interview please contact only at e-mail:

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