Sunday, 16 November 2008

Am Waiting For Your Reply Asap !!!!!!!!!!!

Geoffrey DeWitt Bell was led to me by divine providence. Would you believe it - his wealthy client only went and perished, along with his entire family, in a plane crash. (I've noticed that some of the more sick amongst the scammers are using real disasters to add an air of reality to their scams. Which, despite the lighthearted nature of this blog, I find offensive and extremely sad.)

Mr Bell, of course, needs my help to get his hands on his client's dosh, to which end he proposes that I assume the identity of a long lost relative of the deceased.

Mr Bell has no intention of giving me 30% for my effort. He does have every intention of relieving me of as much money as he can get his dirty little hands on. Forget it mate.

Delete the email. Don't be in any doubt about how persistent these scammers can be if you fall for them. They will keep asking you for money as advance fees until they have literally taken all your money. If you don't believe me, take a look at this story on the Times newspaper website. Don't give them the chance.

GEOFFREY DEWITT BELLLondon, United Kingdom(Solicitors & Finance Consultant)E-mail: geoffbelldewitt@aol.comDATE: 11/08/2008 Greeting to you, the inspiration to contact you is simply divine providence, I am making this proposition because I have to seek the partnership of a resourceful person to help me realize this project. I am Geoffrey Bell a solicitor and investment consultant based in London, United Kingdom. I was attending a business lunche on in Berlin, Germany and I got introduced to the renowned German businessman and property mogul, Mr. Andreas Schranner (of blessed memory).
He engaged my services as attorney and investment consultant and my primary assignment was to spear head his investment forays in the United Kingdom. Three months later I invited him to London and under my professional guidance and based on my advice he made a fixed deposit of 15, 000, 000, 00 Million Great Britain Pounds sterling at a financial institution.
This deposit was for 12 months and upon maturity I made effort to contact my client, I could not reach him or any member of his family. I was forced to travel to Germany and there I got the tragic news that on July 25 2000, my client Mr. Andreas Schranner, his wife Maria, their daughter Eich and husband Christian and two children perished in the air France Concorde New York bound flight; please click here I have made efforts to locate any member of his family with strong biological links to my late client without success. The search to find a close relation is one that has consumed time and resources. The institution is asking me to either present a next of kin to late Andreas Schranner.His foriegn business partner based on the Memurandom of understanding(M.O.U) signed during the deposition of the fundor forfeit the deposit. My proposal is to package, present you as next of kin or foriegn business partner to late Andreas Schranner and process the fixed deposit and transfer custody to you for our mutual benefit. My capacity as solicitor/investment consultant to my late client gives me the discretion to package and transfer the deposit to you.
I will give you 30% for your effort, 60% for me and 10% for Charity and Hurricane Katrina Victims. It will amount to injustice if I do not take this decisive step to secure this deposit, and invest it. The late Schranner was also a friend in addition to our business relationship. I will wait for your reaction and response and then together we can jumpstart this project and nurture it to reality.
Yours Sincerely,
Geoffrey DeWitt Bell
Hawkins & Associates Limited
Tel: +44 750 846 7348

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