Friday, 28 November 2008


The United Nation and World Bank want to tell me that they are aware of how many scam email senders are depriving their victims of their fake lottery wins and fake inheritances. Ok - they didn't put it quite like that, but that sums up what they are saying.

So their solution to this problem is to set up a fake bank to be sure I get my fake winnings - are you following me???

It's all rubbish of course. Just delete it.

This body is aware of the rate in which contractors, Lottery Winners, Next of Kins claimant are been deprived of their right to claim their funds from various bank and some financial institutions globally.Be well informed this body has set up this committee to foresee and enforce all such payments to all observed and confirmed claimant hence we contact you as approved.You are hereby advised to immediately after receiving this message, reconfirm to us, your Full Namecontact Address Telephone numbersFor easy contact as to enable us conclude and direct and enforce your payment to be released to you. Also state the amount you are to claim the reasons of the delays for the claims as to enhance our enforcement as we have observed your funds in the Total of usd$12.5 (Twelve million Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars)Once we get this information complete, we will make sure the payment will be enforced to be released to you to avoid more delays hence this committee is working 24hrs to achieve this notable objectives for we have observed that almost all the financial institutions globally is giving claimants stressful conditions before their funds is been released to them.You are hereby advised to immediately reply with the said info for the releases of your payment as advised as we will make sure your payment is made to you based on your detail information.We advice you to stop henceforth communicating with the offices involve and give us the information as advised to enhance for the releases of your total payment. Into your nominated bank account now we have taking over the payment.KEEP THIS PROCESS WITHIN YOURSELF AND COMPLY AS ADVICED AND SEND TO US YOUR CONTACT INFO INCLUDING THE DETAIL INFO AS WE WOULD WANT TO TAKE THEM BY SURPRISE FOR YOUR OWN INTEREST. MIKE WATTSHEAD OPERATIONS DEBT RECOVERY.UNITED NATIONS & WORLD BANK GROUP