Monday, 10 November 2008


It's been a few days since my help was needed to assist a poor widow woman get her sticky hands on millions of dollars. "Mrs Nusirat Mohammed Lawal" needs my assistance for all the usual reasons. She claims to come from Nigeria. She might, but oddly the email was sent to me by someone who appears to be a student at Spring Hill College, a Jesuit college in Alabama. (I've removed the person's name as they have explained that the college computer was infected with malware.)

Mrs Lawal doesn't exist and nor do her millions. Just delete this email and don't reply to it. If you want to stop spam emails from landing in your inbox use spam bully to send them to their rightful place - the spam folder.

Dear sir, A PASSIONATE APPEAL FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE I am Mrs. Nusirat Mohammed Lawal, the eldest wife of late Admiral Mohammed Alabi Lawal, the penultimate Governor of Kwara state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who died at the Cromwenn hospital in London, on the 16th of November 2006, after a brief illness. In my wildest imagination, I never thought I would make such an appeal through this medium because of the kind of spurous letters I have likewise received from the internet. I am however, compelled to reach you through this medium as it is the only secured and confidential medium, available to me to reach out unsuspected and unannounced, as the Government of Nigeria is out to bring my family down to nothingness.Please do not see this as hoax. If you are very conversant with the world news, recently, the sum of $4.5million belonging to my family, which was deposited by my late husband, was discovered in a secret Cayman Island's bank account and the funds were immediately confisticated by the Nigeria Government because my husband is no more, please open this link to verify my story; My husband who was the former Kwara State Governor between 1999 and 2003 had served Nigeria in various capacities from where he had made his money and now that he is no more, the Government has put its focus on my family. The Government killer agent known as the EFCC, has been assigned to investigate and confisticate all that belongs to my family, on the ground that they are ill-gotten and in this vain, a multi-million dollars mansion in the suburbs of Washington DC, belonging to my husband, has also been confisticated. I need your urgent help! Before my husband died almost 2 years ago, on his sickbed in Cromwenn hospital London,he handed over to me, documents covering a total deposit of 2.7 million US$, cash money, lodged in a secured security vault company in Europe and as the eldest wife, the deposit was made in my names as the next of kin should anything happen to our bread winner, my late husband. Now that the focus is on my family, we need to immediately change the beneficiary of the funds to a foreigner preferrably, and move the funds out of the present location, for safety so that the family's last hope of survival, can be secured, now that our bulk money has been discovered in the cayman's island and confisticated. In line with the above, we are therefore seeking your partnership to allow us change the beneficiary of the funds to your names so that they would not be discovered, and probably have the funds moved out of Nigeria to a secured abode. We shall also rely on your ability to manage or nominate trustees to manage these funds on our behalf. Your main responsibility would be, assistance in receiving these funds, not through bank so it cannot be traced, but through a more secured diplomatic means, the investment of same in worthwhile ventures you consider to be profitable and viable as you are more conversant with the economic climate of your country. Please note that, we would not want our identity revealed for obvious reasons and as such must insist that all arrangements are made in your name. For your assistance and confidentiality in these matters, we would be willing to offer to you upon negotiations an agreeable percentage of the total sum and on the profit accruing from the net investment. I am absolutely positive that this arrangement will be of mutual benefit to both of us and think that it is of utmost importance that you get in touch with me through my email address to enable us discuss the matter further and if we can reach an acceptable arrangement, meet with our Lawyers to sign and formalise any relevant agreement. Note: you are to contact me via my personal email: I crave your indulgence to treat this letter with utmost seriousness and confidentiality and I trust that this will be the beginning of a lasting business relationship and life long friendship. I Iook forward to hearing from you soon. Allah's blessings. MRS. NUSIRAT MOHAMMED LAWAL


  1. Love your comments. It's a shame that there are so many scammers about that there is a need for the information that you provide on this blog. You will know that need is there for the amount of searches you will get.

    Lately I've been getting a lot of ebay and Paypal phishing emails to an email account that I've never used for either - planks!

    Check out what I think about scamming at: Enjoy!

  2. So, I just googled my name for some odd reason and this popped up. Just for your information, I had nothing to do with this spam email. The year this all happened, there was a virus/spam running through the school computer system, and as a result, my email got corrupted - resulting in messages like this being sent out with my email tagged to it. I apologize and understand why you were so upset.


  3. Thanks for letting me know - I've removed your name from the post