Saturday, 22 November 2008

Reservation Request

Another offering from the hotel world. They always seem to involve four couples and they always want to stay for 10 days. You'd think they could think of something more original!

The last hotel phisher wanted me to send $4000 for air fares. I wonder what this one wants? (Update - my cyberfriend Annie Cheater replied and I've posted the scammers answer at the bottom. What do they want? They want me to send £6k to their car hire firm!!!!!!)

Whatever he wants, it isn't to stay at your hotel/b&b so just delete the email.

Greetings, I enquire for reservations for 4 couples coming for their honey moon at your property,I would like you to get back to me with the following. 1. The availability of the dates 2. The Daily cost for the required dates 3. The total cost for the lenght of their stay. 4. Do you accept credit card payment. The arrival date for the couples will be 7th Feb and they will depart on 17th Feb 2009 ,Their stay will last for 10 days.Do get back to me with the requirements as stated above.Kindest Regards,Mr WilliamTel: +44 70457 90678 +44 70457 90689

His reply to my cyberfriend Annie Cheater (aka Annie C or A Cheater)

I am glad to tell you that we have concluded payment with the couples.
However we are going to send you the credit card details that will cover the cost of our accomodation,and the necessary arrangment for the
Moreover, we have also made arrangements with a Logistic car hiring firm who will supply the couples with cars they will use during their stay.
So once you are in receipt of it,confirm the amount of {8,000 pounds) in your account then deduct the cost of your services 2,000 pounds as part payment and send 6,000 pounds via Bank account Transfer,to the Logistics travelling/car hiring rental agent whose information will be forwarded to you once this is confirmed.
So confirm this and provide me with your details as stated below..
(3) PHONE NUMBERS: for office records.
so that we can forward the visa card to you.Also the names of the couples are listed below,
Mr. and mrs Shaw Birk
Mr. and Mrs Billy Gale
Mr. and mrs al Butro
mr. and mrs blake woods

I also hope the stay of the couples will be made comfortable.

Mr William

Annie was a bit confused about that. She wrote to say there must be some confusion and all she required was for Mr William to pay her £4k. His completely garbled, logicless reply is below. Annie's given up and gone for a cup of tea and a lie down.

Hello ,Thanks for your utmost reply as we have concluded arrangements with the car Logistic agent.I must say that the reason we cant let the car rentals have our card details is that he runs a private rentals firm and its not ideal to let both parties have the same credit card account of the agency.also the logistic agent do not have the credit card facility ok,and the couples have budgeted the total amount of in there visa card and cannot change itWilliam

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