Friday, 28 November 2008

Freida Bonhoff.

Freida Bonhoff writes from Chile to tell me she is a personal assistant at the World Bank. She wants me to keep her little transaction confidential to avoid political problems. Presumably the sort of problems that would get her arrested as a fraudster. I can understand that might cause her some embarrassment.

Of course Freida doesn't have $14.8m and she has no intention of sending money to me - or you. She wants nothing better than to get her hands on your cash. Ignore her. Delete the email.

Hello,Greetings to you and your household, with due respect, I apologise forintrusion into your privacy as I wish this does not constitute any sort ofembarrassment to you.I am Ms. Freida Bonhoff, a personal assistance to an executive of TheWorld Bank.We are seeking your assistance in a legitimate business transaction runninginto $14.8 million USD. For further details as to the work ability of thistransaction.Please provide me with your:Name:Address:Telephone and fax numbersAge & Occupation.And I will provide further details and instructions. Please keep thisconfidential; as we can't afford any political problems arising during thecourse of execution of this transaction. I shall however leave out the finaldetails of this transaction until I receive an affirmation of your desire toparticipate. Please do not overlook this email.Sincerely,Ms. Freida Bonhoff.

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