Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Vincent Cheng Hoi Chuen

Inflation is clearly catching up with the dear departed. These days I won't even get out of bed for less thatn $10m. Just as well the late Brigadier Amer Ali Nayef was filthy rich then, otherwise I might have had to stay in bed all day.

Brigadier Nayef, naturally, died an untimely death. Ok, it wasn't natural, he was shot along with his son. The scammer forget to arrange an untimely death for his wife - how careless. Sorry - this story just won't stand up as a Booker prize entry!

Did this come from HSBC? Do I need to ask? Of course not, it came from an educational institution in Hsinchu in Taiwan. Yet another college who fail to keep their students fully occupied!

Good Day,I am Mr. Vincent Cheng Hoi Chuen, GBS, JP Chairman of the Hong Kong andShanghai Banking Corporation Limited.BRIGADIER AMER ALI NAYEF, a businessman and also who was with the Iraqi forces,made a fixed deposit, of Twenty Two million Five Hundred Thousand United StateDollars only in my branch, a number of notices was sent to him, before the warwhich began in 2003 and also after the war but, no response came from him. Welater found out that Brigadier Amer Ali Nayef was shot dead along with his son,Khalid Amer also in the force as they left the family home for work in thesouth of the city.After more inquiry it was also discovered that the late Brigadier, did notdeclare any next of kin in his official papers including the paper work of hisbank deposit. What bothers me most is according to the laws of my country atthe expiration of 6 years the funds will be reverted to the ownership of theHong Kong Government if nobody comes for the funds, Against this scenery, Ihave all the information needed to claim these funds and I want you to act asthe beneficiary of the deposit, there is no risk involved in this matter, as weare going to adopt a legitimate method and the attorney will prepare all thenecessary documents.All I require is your honest co-operation and I guarantee that this will beexecuted under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breachof the law. Please accept my apologies, keep my confidence and disregard thisemail if you do not appreciate this proposition I have offered you.All confirmable documents to back up the claims will be made available to youprior to your acceptance and as soon as I receive your return mail Via my emailaddress (mrvincent_1@yahoo.com.hk)and I will let you know what is required of you.Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated.Best Regards,Mr. Vincent Cheng

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