Friday, 7 November 2008

New PDF Reader 2009

Here we go again. Another nasty piece of spyware which will infect your computer and cause an outbreak of pop-ups trying to get you to purchase fake antivirus software etc. Delete this email and don't click on any links.

If you find you have installed this malware, I recommend you use malwarebytes to remove it.

There are two versions of

A paid for one This version provides realtime protection.  It will remove even the most pernicious malware and actively protect your computer in the future.  This is an excellent piece of software for use on a family computer - or any computer whose user(s) may be less than 100% vigilant or confident about which links they are clicking on!

A free one: The free version is not pro-active and doesn't provide real time protection.  You will have to tell it to update and scan your computer.

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This email claims to have come from Panama.

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