Thursday, 6 November 2008

Abbey Bank

English version:
Dear Abbey Bank Customer,
Latest News
Terms & Conditions:
We have updated the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions to reflect changes to the cut off times for transactions.
To start now Abbey Bank authentication process.
When you log onto the service we will ask you to accept the updated Terms and Conditions.
Once you have accepted these, you will be able to access your accounts in the usual way.

Another fake bank email. They just want me to "log-in" - in other words they just want me to give them my user details. If I point my mouse to a link in the email, this is the web address that is displayed at the bottom left of my screen:

Nothing to do with Abbey Bank. Never click on any of the links in these emails. If they appear to come from your own bank, and you think they might be real then either:
a) phone your bank to check if they have sent you an email
b) open up your web browser and type the REAL address of your bank directly into the address box.

I have my online bank account set so that I don't receive emails. That way I know that all bank emails are frauds.

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