Saturday, 8 November 2008


I feel another prize coming on. This time for the longest email full of total rubbish. These guys wish me a "hearthy congratulation". Maybe it's Father Christmas - getting ready to come down my chimney. Oh dear, I don't have a chimney, and no hearth either. Oh well.

I haven't won anything, and neither have you. Just delete the email.

BRITISH LOTTERY BOARD,International Online Lotto Program.Open 7 Days 8am-8pm.Dear: Annie Smith, We are pleased to bring to your notice that you have been cleared as the beneficiary of the funds. This funds have been adequately insured in your favour, with the context of this insurance which entails that your funds is RESTRICTED from been tampered with by any individual/entity including you till it is remitted to your account. This office have forwarded your file which includes valid documents stating that you are the bonafide bearer of the lucky e-mail address to the accreditted bank Sheffield Bank Plc. London, United Kingdom a division of Sheffield Group legally in charge for the transfer of the Winning Funds to any of your nominated bank account.

Your funds have been insured to it's real value and tagged "Ready for Transfer to the Winner" by Board of Trustees with the Payment Release Department. We have instructed our Official Paying Bank/Sheffield Bank Plc to initiate a telegraphic transfer of your funds to your Nominated Bank Account. Find below, the contact details of the bank below:
PAYMENT BANK E-MAIL CONTACT INFORMATION: Bank Name: Sheffield Bank PlcContact Person: Transfer ManagerE-mail:

You are required to contact Sheffield Bank Plc with the above contact details via email. by writing an application for the release of your winning funds. This application should be presented to the account department via e-mail in the below format. APPLICATION FOR MY BRITISH LOTTERY PRIZE .I write in respect of the winning prize won in the 2008 British International e-mail web promo, That is deposited with your Bank. I was directed to apply to this office by my Claims agent/FINANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. David Howard and I hereby file a claim for my funds. In light of the above, I would be grateful if you would co-operatively furnish me with your procedure for the claims to enable us proceed with the transfer of this funds. Your fortitude as regards this matter will be highly appreciated. Yours faithfully,(YOUR NAME OR INITIALS) Try as much as possible and follow up with the Bank's instructions so as for them to complete your transfer on time as they have already assured the Lottery Board on that, i also want you to keep me posted regarding your dealings with the Bank.NB: There are so many fake e-mails, going around in circulation claimming to be from the BRITISH Lottery Board, Please dis-regard any of these e-mails and forward it to me as soon as you receive any so that we can as well forward the fake e-mail to the Interpol and our Cyber crime department for legal action be to taken against the fraudsters involved in sending the e-mails. We want you to take note of this because you cannot win a BRITISH Lottery bonanza more than once a year and our Bonanza for 2008 is already closed, take note of this. I want you to try and keep your winning information's and every thing about your winning secret and confidential for now to any person until you have received your winning funds, this is to avoid identity theft. It is our responsibility, as your funds solicitor, to ensure that you get paid on time. It is important that you keep all your winning particulars and numbers personal and confidential until your prize money is paid to you. This is a security measure to avoid double claiming or/and impersonation.We wish you a hearthy congratulation once again,should you have any difficulty or whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact meBest Regards,Mr.David Howard
Tel: +(44)-701 113 9256Payment Release DepratmentBRITISH Lottery Board,United Kingdom.

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