Monday, 17 November 2008

Job Position, Raul Delgado

Job offers. I receive a lot of emails offering me jobs. You know the sort of thing. Receive a few phone calls and earn thousands of dollars. Yeah, right. Today I've received an offer of a job with Lotus Corp. Or is it? Talk about mixed messages. Take a look at this, and it's analysis underneath.

Unfortunately World financial crisis has affected almost every sphere of human activity. The unstable situation in the world financial market has led to strong growth of unemployment and reduce wageswages reduction. Everyone is trying to find a perquisite to secure themselves and their families. We will not offer you an empyreal salary, we will not lie to you to the fact that the work is simple and you do not need to do anything, but we definitely tell you that we have a job that may interest you. We want to offer you additional income.
You will need to devote several hours a day, you must be sociable, you must have an easy approach to the computer and the Internet, you must be responsible about the work, you (have tomust) be adults, you should be allowed to work, you must be clean before the law and you should be able to use MS Word, Acrobat Reader, to be confident PC/Mac user. We will not offer you a MLM, financial pyramids and other illegal jobs. We will offer you a real option that allows you to find a good additional income and certainly we will never ask you to buy anything that would get a job, we'll pay you. You absolutely have nothing to lose.
We have a few vacancies that we can offer you. All that you need to do is to send us your resume for consideration. During next 24/48 hours you will receive a reply with vacancy details. The number of seats is limited.
For more information or to schedule an interview please contact:
Raul Delgado
Recruiting Consultant

Ok, here we go.
Raul Delgado's email claims he is called Jordan Connell
Curiously his email address is It appears Mr Delgado/Mr Jordan/Mr Rajan is having an identity crisis.

At the end of the email is yet another link, telling me to send this job to a friend. This link brings up a new mail addressed to

Abacus capital's website tells me it is an investment company with offices in Singapore and Indonesia. Do you suppose they've gone into the recruitment business? Seems unlikely. I think my cyberfriend Annie might have to send in her CV.

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