Monday, 24 November 2008

Google Security Announcement

Yawn. Another fake Google Adwords email. This time, allegedly, they are closing down my account for being inactive. Why? Because accounts are being hacked and used with fake credit cards. To avoid the indignity of having to use a stolen card all the scammers need me to do is give them my AdWords log in details and then they can use my credit card instead! Just give me a moment or three to think about it.

If you are an Adwords user, beware of that link. It looks legit, but the site it takes you to is and not the real google site. If ever you think there is a problem with your AdWords account, type the real address directly into your browser. DON'T click on a link in an email.

Google AdWords News BulletinDear advertiser! We are once again monitoring quarterly account activation and deleting the accounts of users who have been inactive for more than four months and have no funds in their accounts This measure is due to the fact that there have recently been more frequent cases of Google AdWords accounts being hacked and funds added from stolen credit cards We hereby notify you that your account has been inactive for more than four months and is liable to be deleted according to our activation programme. In order to activate your account, you just have to log in using your registration data. Please click on the link below: By clicking on the link you will proceed directly to the registration data entry page. If the link does not work, copy the whole URL into the address box of your browser and then press "Enter". If you do not activate your account by 1 December 2008, it will be blocked, after which it will be deleted in six months. However, you will be able to unblock your account during this period by simply logging in, but it will only be possible to add funds after contacting Google AdWords support service. Thank you, Google AdWords Programme Team

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