Monday, 10 November 2008

Activate your Antivirus for Windows - Activation Code 8463

Here we go again. Another fake antivirus. These fakes aren't funny. I've seen with my own eyes what they do to people's computers. They become unusable with pop-ups you simply can't close. Don't click on any of the links. Delete the email asap.
Believe me, it's not firewall protection you'll get as a free gift. It's a trip to your local computer shop to get your hard drive reformatted.

If your computer does get infected, the most effective malware remover I know is malwarebytes.   There are two versions, a free one and a paid for one.  The paid for version is proactive and will keep your computer actively protected.  The free version needs to be updated manually and you need to remember to tell it to scan your computer.

Update your Antivirus for Windows
Activation Code: 8463
Go here to update your Antivirus
- Remove Viruses Automatically
- Protect email & instant messages
- Protect against Adware & Spyware
Also receive Firewall Protection as a Free gift
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  1. thank you, i recive everey day that mail.. now i know exactly, what it is.