Sunday, 30 November 2008

Message alert on your online account

This Lloyds scammer sounds as if he is writing in the 1920s. I am "strictly advised to match your security details rightly". Or else?? What cher goin to do about it then - eh?

I'm not a Lloyds customer, but somehow I imagine they are nicer to their customers than that, otherwise I can't imagine they would have many customers.

Does anyone fall for these bank scams anymore? I get so many each day that I don't even bother to reproduce them on this blog.

Just delete it, even if you are a Lloyds TSB customer - or should I say, especially if you are a Lloyds TSB Customer.

Dear Lloyds TSB Customer,
Our Technical Service department has recently updated our online banking services, and due to this upgrade;
we sincerely call your attention to follow below link and reconfirm your online account details.
Please Click Here To Start
Failure to confirm the online banking details will suspend you from accessing your account online.
You are strictly advised to match your Security details rightly to avoid service denial.
Technical Support.

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