Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dear Winner

Thanks to a blog reader for this little gem. The scammers give me three options for getting my winnings.
1) Go to their "offices" in person - as in get kidnapped or worse
2) They'll post me a cheque - if I pay a postage fee of £450. There's inflation for you - last time l looked the cost of a first class stamp was around 36p.
3) Set up a new bank account at a cost of £2,500.

The real Jackpotjoy is a legitimate bingo and games site. You can see their site here.

JACKPOTJOY LOTTERY 175 Woodhill RoadKidbrooke,se3 9nnLondon,

Dear Winner,

You have received this email from JACKPOTJOY LOTTERY UK because your email address was randomly picked by our computer email balloting system. You have therefore won the prize sum of £250,000GBP Two Hundred & Fifty Thousand pounds sterling. Please note that no ticket was sold whatsoever and you did not enter into any lottery draw rather your email was luckily picked by out Electronic Balloting Machine.

Please note that payment shall be made through the following condition. The options together with their associate conditions are as stated below; Option #1: You will be required to come down to our office as stated above to have your cheque collected in person.The condition for choosing option #1 is that your presence will be required to handover your winning cheque to you. You will be required to come with a legal document to prove your personal identity to us before your cheque will be handed over to you. Option#2: Payment of your cheque through speedpost to your Residential address.The condition for option#2 is that a signed International Cashier Bank cheque of £250,000GBP will be sent to you from our account department and will attract a postage fees of about £450 including Value Added Tax (V.A.T) made payable by you. Option#3: Transferring your winnings into any nominated bank account of your choice in your country.The condition for option#3 is that you will be required to activate a temporary account with our transferring Bank from which your funds will be transferred to your nominated bank account. It is important I inform you our lucky winner that the temporary account activation fees (£2,500GBP) required for the transfer of your winnings to you in your country will be provided by you and it is refundable together with the total amount won by you in the online email sweepstake promotion.

Please read carefully the options together with their associates and choose the one that is most appropiate to you.

On behalf of members of the Board Of Directors of Jackpotjoy Lottery UK, I wish
you a hearty Congratulations!
Thanks for your cooperations.

For further enquiries Please call:
The Financial controller:Mr. Mel DonaldEmail: enquiries_of@hotmail.comphone no:+44-701-114-6895 :+44-703-192-7811

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  1. I just got this little gem in my email, thanks for came from Jackpot Joy