Saturday, 13 December 2008

Settlement Funds

Thanks to my ever vigilant blog reader for another little gem. this time Dr Ibrahim has "been waiting" for for you to "pick up your funds" "but you din't show up". And why does the generous Dr Ibrahim want to give you £1m? In settlement for bad debts owed to your country (not you!!) and because he appreciates the relationship our countries have had for 50 years. How nice of him to compensate me for my country's bad debts. I wonder if our Prime Minister knows about this arrangement?

You don't suppose Dr Ibrahim could be having us on, do you? I guess he is. Actually, I know he is. Mr Ibrahim is a scammer. He doesn't want to pay of his country's bad debts, he wants to get his hands on your cash. Don't give him that opportunity. Delete the email and don't reply.

Attn; I have been waiting for you to come down here and pick your funds but you din't show up.Then I left behind the sum of Ј1,000,000.00 GBP (One Million Great British Pounds) with my secretary in africa,because I have been in Africa for business and i am back in Spain for official duties. I want you to contact my secretary and make arrangements to deliver your package.Contact her right away and enquire on methods of funds remittance:Mrs. Faridah DahlanE-mail; gave her your "delivery address" but you have to reconfirm it to her with your details and parcel ref # 08FMF/NIG/17ITR, to avoid any mistakes on the delivery as the draft contains a large amount. Let me know as soon as you receive your package.Note: You are receiving these funds (For your private/personal use and investment) as compensation from the Federal Ministry of Finance- Nigeria to your country in settlement of bad debts owed and appreciation of international relations for the past 50 years with your countryYours Faithfully,Dr. Aminu S. IbrahimFederal Ministry of Finance.

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