Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Coupon No:TY8949 - euromillionlott

I had the day off yesterday - eating and sightseeing with friends.  The scammers remained hard at work, and here are the "fruits" of their labours.

My hard working email address has now won 950k Euros (note to self - must find the Euro sign on this keyboard).  

I hope you realise that we can't all have won that much money - it's a scam.  Just delete the email and don't reply

If you're fed up with spam invading your inbox, install Spam Bully. Works with Outlook Express, Outlook and Windows Mail (note - it doesn't mention WM on the Spam Bully website - but I know it works - I've used it).

Your Email address has won the sum of 950,000Euros in an International Email Sweepstakes Program Cooporation held on the 18Th of Dec  2008 in Holland.We write to officially notify you of this award and to advised you to contact your claim agent Mr,Willian Bouch , Tel:+:+31-651 -781-309.
(1)Coupon No:TY8949
(2)ticket No:9512EU
Mrs Janet jaam

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