Monday, 29 December 2008

Re: Attention

Goody - someone with the same surname as me has died. As we share the same surname I can claim the fortune, right down to the last 17pence. How nice.

This scammer couldn't even be bothered to make up an identiy for him/herself. They tell me the list of legal services they can offer, but they can't be bothered to tell me who they are (supposed to be). Ah well. Guess it's all a scam then, as usual.

Just delete the email and don't reply. You haven't inherited anything. The scammer just wants to get his/her hands on your money.

This is For your Attention:

We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary
to the total sum of Four million Two hundred and Fifty Seven Thousand
Seventeen Pence (British Pounds Sterling) in the intent of the deceased
(names now withheld since this is our second letter to you). We
contacted you because you bear the surname identity and therefore we
can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance since there was
no written will. Our legal services aim to provide our private clients
with a complete service. We are happy to prepare wills, set-up and
administer Trusts, carry out the administration of estates and
prepare and administer Powers of Attorney.
All the papers will be processed in your acceptance. In your
acceptance of this deal, we request that you kindly forward to this
Your letter of acceptance your current telephone and fax numbers
and a forwarding address to enable us file necessary documents at
our High court probate division for the release of this sum of
money to you.

Yours faithfully,
Kelvin Smith.

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