Friday, 12 December 2008

One Security Message Reminder

Today it's the Abbey who have been receiving complaints about unauthorised use. The scammers have a cunning plan. Get hold of your account information and they too can make unauthorised use of your money. Sound like a good idea? No. So, delete the email and don't click on any links. Keep your money to yourself!

Dear Abbey's Internet Banking Holder,
Abbey National PLC has been receiving complaints from our customers for unauthorised use of the Abbey Online accounts. As a result we periodically review Abbey Online Accounts and temporarily restrict access of those accounts which we think are vulnerable to the unauthorised use. Due to our recent upgrade of all online accounts,it is of utmost necessity for all Abbey Bank customers to confirm their Account Information Correctly. This is one of our varying methods of checking online fraud which seems to be on the increase.This message has been sent to you from Abbey because we have noticed invalid login attempts into your account, due to this we are temporarily limiting and restricting your account access until we confirm your identity.To confirm your identity and remove your account limitation please following the link below.
Abbey is committed to ensure the safeguard of each customer's personal information, making sure only authorised individuals have access to their accounts. It is all about your security.

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