Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (Good Day)

I was planning to go offline for a few days for a Christmas break. Bad idea!! I'm now laid up with flu and going nowhere. The mince pies are in my freezer - the rest of my family are 150 miles away. I'll have a glut of pies, they'll have none.

Mr Olu Benson isn't taking a break either. He also seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis. According to his incoming email he is called "Mandy". Do you suppose that's his cross-dressing alter ego? Are there many cross-dressers in Nigeria?

Apparently he has $450k for me. He tried phoning but couldn't get through. Not surprising really since he has no idea who I am and no idea what my phone number is. Nor does he know who you are or what your phone number is. Come to that, he doesn't have $450k to give you either. What he really wants is you to pay him - in the form of advance fees for a cheque that doesn't exist.

Just delete the email and don't reply.

If you're fed up with spam invading your inbox, install Spam Bully. Works with Outlook Express, Outlook and Windows Mail (note - it doesn't mention WM on the Spam Bully website - but I know it works - I've used it). Effective Byesian spam filter with features to allow you see the country of origin of mail and to report spam.

GOOD DAYI am Mr. Olu Benson, Transaction Services Officer Gauranty Trust Bank Plc, on the 22nd of last month I received an instruction from one Mr Bill Wilson,to remit a total sum of $450,000 US Dollars to you, I did tried contacting you on phone with the number he gave me, but it seems your phone numbers was out of service at the time I was calling or maybe the network here in Nigeria was really bad , The said cashier cheque has already been prepared and I am waiting for your response to provide me with the name in which you want to be shown on the cheque and your mailing address to which i am to send the cheque, I hope this contact do not sound embarrassing to you as I am only fulfilling my Obligation in getting my orders straitened up , I certainly hope this mail meets you in good condition and await your response via my personal email:mrolubenson02@yahoo.co.ukMr. Olu BensonTransaction Services Officer,Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.Edo-State, Nigeria.

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