Sunday, 21 December 2008

New Security Alert Update

Another fake security alert.  I hope nobody falls for these, but I can't help thinking that somewhere, someone must or the scammers wouldn't continue sending them.  If you point your mouse at the link in this email (DON'T CLICK) and then take a look at the bottom left of your browser screen, what do you see?  You should see the address of the website that the link will take you to - it isn't the address of Lloyds TSB.

Don't click on any links and NEVER confirm/reconfirm your bank details.  If you use online banking, type the address of your bank directly into your browser.

Dear Customer,

You have received a new message from Lloyds TSB Bank technical department With Security Centre about the new security update.

We urgently request that you should take few minute from your online experience to upgrade
the new security.Click here to continue:

Thanks for your co-operation.

Fraud Prevention Unit
Legal Advisor
Lloyds TSB.

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