Saturday, 24 January 2009

Online Banking Notice

The nice phishers who want to access my HSBC account are concerned that the HSBC has been "receiving complaints" about unauthorised use.  Their solution?  Send me a phishing email, of course, so they too can make unauthorised use of my account.  Not likely sunshine.

Just delete the email.  NEVER click on a link in a bank email.  If you want to know more about bank phishing emails, join the mailing list (on the right) and download our handout.

And if you’re sick of all this spam, install Spam Bully. Highly effective spam filter with built in features to help you track the origin of scam emails and get your own back on the scammers.

Dear Customer

Hsbc have been receiving complaints from our Customers
about unauthorised use of their Online Bank Accounts.
As a result we periodically review certain Customers' Accounts and temporarily restrict access
to those which we think are vulnerable to unauthorised use.

This message has been sent to you from Hsbc because
we have noticed some invalid login attempts into your account.
Due to this we are temporarily limiting and restricting
your account access until we confirm your identity.

To confirm your identity and avoid limitations to your Online Banking Access,
Please click on the button below

Thank You.

Legal Advisor

Accounts Management as outlined in our User Agreement, Hsbc will 

periodically send you informations about site changes and enhancements.

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