Monday, 5 January 2009


Miss Joy Bale claims she wants to invest her money in my country.  Why???  What a load of hogwash.  She doesn't want to invest money - what she really wants is to get her hands on my money - or yours.  

Ignore her.  Delete the email and don't reply.

Good day,  

I am looking for your cooperation to invest my money into good business  in your country. I am sorry if this is not in line with your business. I need an experience person like you to assist me to set up, develop the project. On the resumption of the project, you will be made a Director for the role and the assistance you rendered.

Entitled to a percentage agreed upon between me (MISS.JOY BALE.) and you before the commencement of the project. Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated and I shall give you more information on this project.
Thanks you and God bless you Amen.

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