Sunday, 18 January 2009

Mrs Aladin Saeed Ahmed

Mrs Ahmed tells me her "dreams will rest squarely on your shoulders". What dreams are these? Dreams of getting her hands on my (or your) money by way of lots of advance fees for a bequest that doesn't exist.

Mrs Ahmed isn't rich, she's a scammer. Come to think of it she might be rich, but if she is, it isn't because her late husband left her anything it's because she's found victims for her fraudulent schemes.

Delete her email and don't reply.

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i ma mrs aladin saeed ahmed. I need your trust and assitance to help donate this some funds to either a charity organisation/orphanage home due to my health condition.When my late Husband was alive he deposited a substantial amount of money worth $8.5Million with a bank in the United Kingdom which I inherited after his death,contact me immediately for more informations concerning this project.Until I hear from you by email; my dreams will rest squarely on your shoulders.Contact me by

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