Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Reader's advice for getting back at scammers

Another vigilant reader has joined the war on scammers.  This is their advice - as emailed to me:

Keep up the good fight!  Use this if you can.  I'd like to think efforts like this help ......

Another one, slightly different text, same name, different e-mail.  Sometimes, I take a few minutes to "google" the mail,
"trace" the IP, locate the mail provider, AND "Report" the user as violating The Terms Of Service Agreement.  Usually, the
offending address is removed quickly!    'taking a byte outta' crime, one bit at a time' .......            

I've  reported  this  to:
1.)  "Google" on their "Contact Us" Web Form available at: mail.google.com/support/bin/request.py?contact_type=abuse_phishing
2.)   Usenet group -  news.admin.net-abuse.sightings" at: 
3.)  "Here", and additional postings to various Anti-Spam/Scam sites are being made. 

(In the coming recession, if I need work, I could become a tutor, soliciting these 'authors' as my students!  They could use some Spell-checking s/w and a copy of Strunk & White's "The Elements of Style", could they not!)

If you want to get back at the scammers, try installing Spam Bully.  It has built in features to help you track the origin of scam emails,

And here is the offending spam email:

Dear Joseph

In respect to your email, I have been awaiting for you to contact me
for the delivery of your Comfirmable Bank Draft of $1,000,000.00 USD
(One Million Untied State Dollars).

Mrs. Maria Sabia came to our company last month to place your Package
on out going delivery, she already paid for the insurance fee and the
security keeping fee.  But she did not pay for the Courier Delivery
Charges due to the fact that we did not know when you will be
contacting us that we have your package.

All you need to do right now to get your Package delivered to your
door step is to go ahead and make the payment of  $180.00 USD the
Courier Delivery Charges.

Payment should be made Via Western Union Money Transfer only for
security purpose, payment details are listed below.

Name:  Endurance Michael
Address: 12 Airport Way G.R.A Abuja Nigeria.
Text Question to be used: Relationship?
Text Answer:  Friend.

You have to send down the MTCN NUMBER as soon as the payment is made.

(Money Transfer Control Number)
(Receivers Name......................)
(Senders Name.........................)

Get back to me with your payment details.

Note that your tracking number would be provided to you as soon as the
payment has been made and confirmed by us.

Have a wonderful time. Please call me any time you need any assistance.

Mr. Williams Page
Telephone: +234 7030073502
Telephone: +234 7030073502
FedEx Courier Service.

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