Monday, 26 January 2009

A Bunch of Banks

There are so many fake bank emails that it's a wonder that anyone ever clicks on a link.  Someone must though, to make it worth the scammers' while sending them.  Don't be that victim.  Delete all bank emails and never click on any links.

Dear Lloyds TSB user,

You have 1 new ALERT message
Please login to your Lloyds TSB Banking
and visit the Message Center section in order to read the message.

To Login, please click the link below:

Go Lloyds TSB Banking Online

Dear Member,

Abbey National PLC. have change the online system security in the last 2 days and your savings was deactivated for security reasons.
We suggest to check your balance as soon possible, in case, if your savings have been affected please contact us:
  • Telephone: 08459 724 724
    7am-11pm Mon-Sat,
    9am-9pm Sun .
Click ENTER to your balance:
    Thank you,
    Abbey National PLC.
    e-banking service
    26 jan 2009

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