Friday, 13 February 2009

Serial No: - MUO TI/82536

"Mrs Jenifer", who claims to represent the UK National Lottery, writes to me from Sharif University of Technology.  Clearly Sharif University don't keep their students occupied enough on their courses!

Ref: UK/9420X2/68
Batch: 074/05/ZY369
Lucky No:- 07-13-31.54-640
Serial No: - MUO TI/82536

We happily announce the results of the 2009 UK NATIONAL LOTTERY ONLINE
PROMOTION AWARD of the previous week online draws of
over 300,000  email leads where six email addresses were randomly
selected and that made the email addresses automatically winner of the
sum of  £516,778.00 GBP.This is meant to inform you that your email
address was among the six
email address chosen which therefore means to say that you are a winner
of the sum of £516,778.00 GBP which will be issued in a cheque on
your name in receipt of the requested datas below.

1.FULL NAMES:________________________
5.MARITAL STATUS:_____________________
7.TELEPHONE NUMBER:___________

Contact Our Claims Agent
Name: Mr Kelvin Unsworth
Email address:

After filling the form , you are to contact the claims office with the
information filled in the form for further instructions and processing
of your winning through the contact email address below.
Congratulations from the staffs and members of the National Lottery
Sweepstakes U K.


Mrs lucy Jenifer
online Co-ordinator

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