Saturday, 14 February 2009

Please Respond.

There seems to be an epidemic of Ladies who are "suffering from cancerous ailment".  I'd stear clear of the nobility if I were you.  If anyone offers you a Knighthood - turn it down for health reasons.  And ignore the subject line of this email - don't respond.

52 Robson Street,
Manchester M41 7TE,

Here writes Lady Dianne Gregson, suffering from cancerous ailment. I was
married to Sir Richard Gregson, an Englishman who is dead. When my late
husband was alive he deposited securities of his stocks worth
£3,000,000.00 GBP (Three Million Great British Pounds Sterling), which
were derived from his investment in the capital market with his bank here
in the UK.

Recently, my Doctor told me that I have limited days to live due to the
cancerous problem I am suffering from. I have decided to donate this money
to you and want you to use this gift which comes from my husband's effort
to fund the upkeep of orphans,destitute, the down-trodden, physically
challenged children and persons who prove to be genuinely handicapped

I took this decision because we do not have any child and my husband
relatives are bourgeois and they are very wealthy individuals. I do not
want my husband's hard earned money to be misused or invested into ill
perceived ventures hence the reason for taking this bold decision.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Bank
in UK where values of the stocks are deposited. I will also issue you a
Letter of Authority that will empower you as the original beneficiary of
this fund, but I need you to assure me that you will act just as I have
stated  herein.

You can contact me via

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lady Dianne Gregson

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