Saturday, 14 February 2009

Company Representative and Mutual Benefit !!!

"Xinsheng Mou" writes from Nigeria to tell me he owns a company in China.  Now does that sound likely?  Of course it isn't.  He's just a scammer, after your cash.  If you think he really wants to offer you a job, read this victim's tale.

Delete the email and don't reply

Dear Friend,

My name is Xinsheng Mou, i am an Artist and the owner of DELIX GROUP of COMPANY Ltd in China. I sell my products to my customers in U.S.A,Canada and UK which i find it very difficult in receiving my payments from them in the past as they have requested to pay through a direct wire transfer into a home equity line of credit account. I have had a lot of experiences in the past when they were paying through checks and money orders.

I have resolved these issues with them that they cannot make payments via checks and money orders any longer. We now accepted that all payments should be made by swift wire transfer into a home equity line of credit account in the United Sates and Canada. They requested all payments to be made into "A Home Equity Line of Credit Account".Why they requested for such account is that the funds will be more secured into such account. I need you to be my representative in the United States if you own such account. I will offer you 5% of any of my payment that passed through your home equity line of credit account. You will never invest any money at the course of this transaction.

This transaction is 100% legal and does not relate to money laundering and is free from Drug money. The amount of money depends on the volume of facilities sold which ranges from $500,000.00 and above depending on the limit of your account. I will detail you as soon as i hear from you.I will forward a copy of my identification to you as we progress with this transaction. Please do not forget to provide your direct telephone number so i can also give you a call.


Best regards
Mr.Xinsheng Mou
Delix Group of Company Ltd
11th Floor,Delix Mansion
Liushi Industrial Zone
Wenzhou China
This message and any attachments are confidential. If you have received this message in error please delete it from your system. If you require any assistance please notify the sender. Thank You.

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