Sunday, 15 February 2009

Inheritance/Notice of Bequest

"This Barrister" is so keen to scam me that he sent me this twice, with different subject lines.  It's all rubbish of course.  Did you really know someone called Mr Ed Gabriel in South Africa?  Of course you didn't, so why do you think he would leave you lots of money?  Just delete the email.
This Barrister Brian of:
Brian & Associates
#8 Garden Groove Avenue
South Africa.
Tel: +27 785 794 682.
Happy New Year ,
I want to bring to your notice that you have been bequeathed
a total sum of $875,000 by my late client. Mr.Ed Gabriel was a member of the
Red Cross Society South Africa Chapter. Late Ed. Gabriel made you one of the beneficiaries to
his last Will and Testament.  The reasons for this were not made known to
me. You must understand that I am only his attorney not a family member
and I did not ask because it is non of my business to ask or suggest who
must be on my late client's Will or not. What I remember is what he said before
he was wheeled into the ER. He said I quote " I am happy that I have finally
found someone who can help the homeless and the needy children, there is peace
in my heart now."  Please note that the money bequeathed to you is to help
the homeless and the helpless children of your choice as long as you spend a tangible
amount of this money for this purpose. Twentyfive percent of this money is yours for
the honest service you are about to render to these children.
To complete my duty as the executor of his estate, please provide the
information below to speed up the process and execution of your
benefactor's estate.
1. Your full postal or residential address: this is to make easy, the delivery
of the vital and confidential documents.
2. Your direct phone numbers/fax numbers if any (Connected line;)this is
for easy communication. I want to be able to speak to you anytime the need
Upon receipt of the above information, I'll send you copies of these
documents that made you one of the beneficiaries to Gabriel's Estate.
Please be reminded that every step of this process will be recorded and
filed by me in accordance with the ethics and penal code of this
Thank you.
Barr. Brian.

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