Monday, 6 August 2012

Re:Lady Anneka! related to her?

I don't know what a "sure name" is, and I'm sure you'll notice that this scammer doesn't tell you what Lady Annekas surname is.  That's because she didn't have a surname - she didn't exist.  She's a figment of this scammer's imagination.  

This scammer is hoping that you will fall for the idea of being related to a "Lady" and will start asking you for money if you reply.

Good day!
My name is Mr.Howard, attorney and legal practitioner based here in UK.My late client, Lady Anneka died in 2002 leaving an intestate which has remained unclaimed since there is no relation found here.
I was directed to you by your country's embassy here in UK as the most probable relative by ancestral lineage and also by sharing the same sure name with you.Presently,the bank is asking to transfer the estate as unclaimed as the law requires to the government if none comes up to lay claim to this
intestate within the stipulated time as accepted by the law of UK.
I have all the necessary documentation relating to this deposit and i have rechecked with you with your consulate and can posit that you may be related to her by ancestral lineage.
Please get back to me for more details and further discussion on how to achieve this successfully.
Best Regards

I remains,
Charles Howard

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