Saturday, 28 July 2012

This scammer appears to have read my previous post (obviously, he hasn't really read it) and is offering me a little under $10m.  Yet another scammer who thinks that telling me I have money due from Benein (or Nigeria or Cote'D'Ivoire) makes his story sound believable.

When, I wonder, will a scammer write and tell me I have money due from a rich person in Monaco or Andorra?  (Let's wait and see if the scammers are reading this!)

Just ignore this scammer.  You know you aren't expecting money from Benin.  If you were, it wouldn't come by Western Union, would it?  That much money would be dealt with via your regular and legitimate solicitor and be transferred directly to your bank account.

Attention:Dear Beneficiary,
Your fund of nine million three hundred and eighty thousand United state Dollars.($9.380,000.00USD) has been forwarded to Western Union for immediate transfer to you.

Your payment will be send to you by western Union,and the amount you will be receiving per day is $5,000.00 (Five thousand Dollars ), and The Minister Trust Funds of Benin Republic will send you the currently standards track details you need to pick up your ($5,000) payment by western union. And you will be receiving every day till you receive the total fund $9.380,000.00 United State Dollars completed. Now no need to send you this ATM card because you can not be able to withdraw with the ATM card due to the ATM master card contain large money on it and is not activated too and many people have received their fund through this western union which is the safety way and reliable with less cost.
The Director administrator trust funds have already signed your payment,so you are free to comply with WEMCO payment office on this email:( However, kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment as the agent in Western Union office and remember that it is $5,000 per day.
Bellow is the contact person:
Western union agent:Mr.Jerry Smith.
Mobile contact:+229-68016289
The Western Union Payment Center has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment.Note that the administrator payment need this details from you to process your payment:
Your full name________________________
Your address__________________________
Your country___________________________
Your age______________________________
Your occupation________________________
Your Phone number______________________
Comply now because as soon as you sent this required details to Mr.Jerry Smith, he will start sending your payment by Western Union.And do let me know immediately you start receiving your money for us to share the joy together.
Mr.David Mark.

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