Thursday, 9 August 2012

You know as well as I do that you don't have an "over due fund" anywhere.  This is a scammer who is hoping you will be daft enough to be taken in by their ridiculous story and will start sending them money.  That's what this scammer wants - your money.  Ignore him.

Attention: Beneficiary,

This is to notify you that your over due fund has been gazetted to be released, via key telex transfer (KTT)-direct wire transfer to you or through any of our correspondent banks nominated by the senate committee for foreign fund transfer.

Meanwhile, a woman came to my office few days ago with a letter,claiming to be your true representative and she also said that you were dead. Here is her information for you to confirm to this office if this Woman is truly from you or not so that the federal government may not be held responsible for paying into any wrong accounts.

BANK ADDRESS: one wallstreet new york new york 10286
ACCOUNT TYPE: trade securities
ROUTING #: 256072691
ACCOUNT #: 63164540
Please, do reconfirm to this office,
as a matter of urgency if this
woman is from you.

You are requested to fill and send this information for verification purposes so that your fund valued us$12m (Twelve million Two Houndred united state dollars) can be remitted into your nominated bank account any where. This fund is as a result of inheritance on your behalf. Information needed from you for verification are as follows:

1. Your name:.............
2. Your full address:...........
3. Your direct telephone ..............
4. Age/sex:..............
5. Your occupation:.........
6. Home equity yes/no............

As soon as we receive this, we will commence with all necessary procedures in order to remit this fund into your account. the new central bank governor, in conjunction with the federal ministry of finance (FMF)executive board of directors and the senate committee for over due fund payment have approved and accredited this apex bank with the office of the director, international remittance operations, to handle and transfer all foreign inheritance fund this final quarter payment of the fiscal year 2012.

However, we shall proceed to issue all payments details to the said Mrs.Linford, if we do not hear from you within the next seven working days from today. We are sorry for any inconvenience the delay in transferring of this fund must have caused. Make sure you seized every other communication with any other office in regards to this transaction as this fund has over

Mr. Mr. James Uba
For: Federal Ministry Of Finance

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