Friday, 17 August 2012


Yet another scammer telling the same old story of a rich client who died in a nasty accident with no family to leave her millions to.  Oh yes, and this "barrister" will share all those millions of dollars with me - or you.  How kind of him - not.

There are no millions of dollars, just a scammer waiting to take money from you.

Attn:Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with heartfelt hope that I write to seek your co-operation and assistance in the context stated below, I am Barrister  David Walter,The personal Attorney to the Late Mrs. Nina Wang. I got your contact through the help of my sister-in-law that works with the Chambers of Commerce and Tourism, due I did not disclose to her my humble intention for an honest foreigner like you, Having noted the confidence reposed on your person by the sponsor of the recommendation.

My late client Mrs. Nina Wang an estate developer and one of the richest woman in Honk Kong} deposited  a fund $56 Million (Fifty-Six Million United States Dollars Only)to Emirate Ndb Bank, in Dubai My client Mrs. Nina Wang died of cancer in April 3rd 2007 and a routine notification was sent to her forwarding address but without responses.

 After a month,another reminder was sent from my desk and I discovered   fund was deposited by her without informing anyone of her immediate  family as this is peculiar to high profiled individuals. No next of kin was declared in her official papers including the paper work of her deposit and she also confided in me the last time she was at my office that no one except me knew of her deposit Before her death my client Deposited the funds worth total $56 Million Fifty-Six Million United States Dollars Only),In Emirate Ndb Bank,in Dubai hoping of transfering the fund to his country {Honk Kong,} as soon as she comes back from the conference.According to the {DEED OF WILL} made by my late client, She wrote a {DEED OF WILL} that if anything should happen to her, That i should locate any of her family member over the Internet with her last name,With this {DEED OF WILL} i decide to trace her last name over the Internet to locate any member of her family.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over 4 years now' I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since you relate to his last name.

I agree to pay you 40% of the fund, 40% to me  and While 20% can be also paid to you as the next of kin and in case if you spend any money for an {AFFIDAVIT OF TRUE NEXT OF KIN}.Further more, For more information about late Mrs. Nina Wang, click the link below:

You can also contact me below my private e mail address:

As soon as i receive your details, I will write an application to the Emirate Ndb Bank for the transfer of the funds to you.

Kindly provide the details below for

 (1) Your Full Name:
 (2) Phone, Fax and Mobile #:
 (3) Companys Name, Position :
 (4) Profession, Age And Marital Status.
 (5) Equity line of Credit Account (Yes orNo:
 (6) Copy of int'l Passport Or Any Scanned Identity To Prove You:

Thanks in advance for your early reply.

Kind regards,

Barrister David Walter.

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