Wednesday, 26 August 2009

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Nothing new in this scam. "Mrs Gilbert" is a) a widow, b) filthy rich and c) suffering from cancer. Oh yes - and d) she wants to give all her money to me, or you, or any one of the thousands of other people that received this email.

"Mrs Gilbert" is a scammer - who wants to take money from you by charging you fees.

00I am Mrs.Rita Gilbert, the wife of Mr.Sam Gilbert, my husband worked with the Chevron/Texaco in Russia for twenty years before he died in the year two thousand and four.We were married for ten years. My Husband died after a brief illness. When my late husband was alive he deposited of seven million five hundred thousand Pounds with a Bank in Europe. This money is still with the Bank account has been DORMANT and if I,as the beneficiary of the funds, do not re-activate the account; the funds will be CONFISCATED or I rather issue a letter of authorization to somebody to receive it on my behalf (note that you need to activate this ccount).Presently,Am in the hospital in Russia undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer.Reply to

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