Tuesday, 4 August 2009

From Oba

"Caro" tells me he or she has "a preposition" - you can guess the rest. Millions of dollars and just needs my help, or yours, or anyone daft enough to fall for the scam. If you reply to caro you will find yourself being asked to send money. Delete the email and don't reply.

Hallo dearest One,
My name is Caro Oba 18 years old and a student. I have a preposition important that I will like to discuss with you. I write to inform you that I need your help in a financial transaction. I have Six Million Five Hundred dollars($6.500.0000.00) I want to invest in your country with your very help after going through your profile. This amount is an inheritance funds from my late mother as the only child. I will need your assistance to provide a good cridentials where the security company here can ship the whole amount for a profitable business project in your country until I am able to secure a better financial education that will enable me not to make poor money decision later in life that might take years to over come.
May I ask you this question?
Can I trust in you?
Please I need your assurance because I believe that we will have many things common in life after the whole money has been moved into your care as I am going to introduce you to the company here as my late mother business partner on your behalf.
Kindly reply me through my private email address at (
carooba@live.fr) for more details if you are very serious to assist me.
Awaits your urgent response.
Thanks and God bless.

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