Thursday, 27 August 2009


"Mr James Thambo" tells me the usual, hackneyed story. He's a dishonest bank official. He had a wealthy client who died leaving millions of dollars. His client's family are also dead. Guess what??? Oh, go on, you don't need me to tell you, do you? Alright, I will then. Yes - "Mr Thambo" just needs your help and you and he can share the money. Not.

"Mr Thambo" is a scammer who wants to take money from you. Delete the email and don't reply.

I am a staff of a bank in Africa. I will give you the name of my bank and other important information when I receive a positive repsonse from you. I work in the operations department where I serve as account officer to numerous customers.

One of our customer whom I worked as his account officer was a wealthy diamond merchant from a neighbouring country Sierra Leone. He lost his family in the war and dispute, unfortunately he died last year in 2008. I want you to be my partner, all you would have to do is act as the next of kin of the dead man and the whole money in the account will be In-herited by you as beneficiary and transferred into your designated foreign account in your country.

I have secretly kept all the necessary documentations that you will require to claim the money in from this account. The total money in the account is U$D17 Million.
Your share will be 30% which is USD5,100,000. My own share will be 69%, which is USD11,730,000. We shall both agrre to set aside 1% which is USD170,000 for any expenses incurred during this process with the bank. Reach me immediately by mail so that I can give you further details,also provide me your full names and direct telephone number to reach you should you be willing sincerely to assist me.

Yours truly,
Mr. James Thambo.

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