Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Loan Information for You !

UK money lenders are not approved by the "UN and the world bank", they require a credit license from the OFT (Office of Fair Trading. You can check the license numbers online here http://www2.crw.gov.uk/pr/Default.aspx. The license number quoted by this scammer belongs to a genuine organisation in Sheffield in Yorkshire, who are probably not happy that a scammer has made up a fictitious number and is quoting their license number.

Delete this email and don't reply. If you make the mistake of replying you will find a scammer asking you for money for fees for your non-existent loan.

Perry Moore Finance House
39, Dalry Road
Haymarket Edinburgh EH11 2BU
United Kingdom.
(6595769 - Licensed Credit Brokers 478798.)

Perry Moore Finance House, a Licensed Credit Broker mandated by the
respective members of the United Nation (UN) and the world bank to assist
individuals as well as coporate bodies/companies with loans to assist them
to cushion the effect of the on-going global recession. we therefore offer
suitable loans from 3,000 DOLLARS to 10,000,000 DOLLARS at just 3%
interest rate with Flexible repayment over 1 to 30 years.

*Home Improvement
*Inventor Loans
*Auto Loans
*Debt Consolidation
*Line of Credit
*Second Mortgage
*Business Loans
*Personal Loans
*International Loans
*Student loans

All applicants considered even those with a poor credit history.

Apply NOW by email at:
Do send us the loan amount you need, your occupation, your full contact
details and the duration you need the loan.

Perry Moore
Perry Moore Finance House

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