Saturday, 25 July 2009

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"Mrs.Florina Bent " has a very appropriate name. She isn't as bent as a florin (an old English coin worth 20p), she is as "bent as a nine bob note" - a non existent banknote.

Yes, "Mrs Bent" and her colleagues are scammers - hoping to take money from you by charging you fees for your non-existent win. Delete the email and don't reply.

Dear: e-Mail Winner,
The Yahoo/Msn office has set out and successfully organized a Sweepstakes marking the beginning of year anniversary.We rolled out over 10,000.000.00 (10 million e-mails) to mark the 2009 Anniversary Draws. Participants for the draws were randomly selected and drawn from a wide range of web hosts which we enjoy their BETA patronage attaching personalized email addresses to ticket numbers.

Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to Ticket no:56475600545188 with Serial no:2113-04 and drew the lucky numbers 9-21-17-39-23-13(17) which subsequently won you £5,000,000.00GBP (Five Million Great Britain pounds) as one of the 10 jackpot winners in this draw. To begin the processing of your prize you are to contact our fiduaciary claims department for more infomation as regards procedures to claim your prize.

--Kindly provide all required information.

To file for your claim send identification and details of claim to:Oversea Payment office and Release Order Department CLAIMS PROCESSING LOTTERY
AGENT With a scanned copy of your international passport or drivers license for official record and payment files.

Mr.Wesley Benson
TEL: +44-703-592-1883

Congratulations once more from all members and staffs of this Yahoo/Msn Lottery Board.

Mrs.Florina Bent
Yahoo/Msn Lottery Office United Kingdom.
Material Copyright © 2009 Lottery United Kingdom.

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