Wednesday, 22 April 2009


"Dr Anderson" doesn't work for the Department of Transport in Johannesburg and he certainly doesn't have $25m.  He's a scammer.  He doesn't want to give you 20% of $25m, he wants to take money from you by charging you fees and costs.  

Delete the email and don't reply.

From the office of Maseko Anderson
The Principal Accountant
Dept of Transport and Aviation
Sandton Johannesburg
South Africa
This letter is not intending to cause you any embarrassment in what ever form, rather an appeal for assistance. I am the Principal Accountant attached to the Department of Transport and Aviation here in Johannesburg South Africa. I have decided to send forth this proposal to you after some due liberation in my department here in Johannesburg South Africa.
I have in my possession the sum of US$25Million)Twenty Five Million United States Dollars which i discovered last month in my department as the chief principal accountant of Transport and Aviation.
The above fund, which is now in a Governmental suspense account was accrued from recent contract awarded to a foreign firm for supplies of raw materials to my Department. This is in pursuant to the terms of our agreement under the international monetary fund (I.M.F.) and Paris Club dept-servicing program to pay out all outstanding dept owed to foreign firms.
I am now seeking for your assistance for the easy transfer of the over-invoiced (surplus) amount as the foreign beneficiary of the fund when transfered to your desginated bank account of your choice in your country.
And also in recognition of your personal executive profile and investment opportunities available in your country. At this juncture, I want you to stand as the original foreign contractor to the above fund to enable me put claim on the above sum.
I will manipulate and authenticate the payment to your name and i am reassuring you that it is 100% risk free transaction and legitimate because all the necessary arrangements have been made and finalized here.
Finally, I have agreed to give you 20% of the total fund due to your assistance, 5% t o be set aside for expenses made by both parties While the remaining 75% will be for my investment in your country after the transfer of the fund to your desginated bank account.
Please if satisfied with this proposal, kindly notify me by telephone or send me an email including with your private telephone and fax numbers so that I can furnish you with more details on how the transaction will be done.
I will be with you in person as soon the fund arrives in your country, Please note that this is highly confidential and should be treated as such .
Thanks and
best regards
Dr.Maseko Anderson
(Principal Accountant)

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