Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Re: You've received a question about eBay item:WHIRLPOOL AMERICAN FRIDGE FREEZER STAINLESS/S RRP £1499 (150332461633) [MSG ID: 703387]

Another fake Ebay email.  Clearly computer studies isn't part of whichever course Mr or Ms Tsui is studying at Imperial College, since s/he didn't bother to hide the real email address.  I have reported this as a scam to the College.

How do I know it's a scam?  It doesn't include my registered Ebay username and I haven't bought a fridge.

Delete the email and don't click on any links.  If you think you have accidentally given your Paypal or bank account details to a scammer, contact Paypal or your bank immediately.

If I don't receive payment today, I will report you to ebay as a non paying user...


Item Title: WHIRLPOOL AMERICAN FRIDGE FREEZER STAINLESS/S RRP £1499 Item Number: 150332461633 Item URL:

End Date:

22-Mar-09 22:00:00 GMT


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