Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Oh look, someone from one of the poorest regions on earth has $25m dollars that I can have.  Does that sound likely?  Of course it doesn't.  Ignore this scammer, who is after your money.

Hello dear,
I know I may appear to you  like a stranger but before i  will proceed to
sharing my message with you,i will like to formerly introduce myself.

My Name is Mrs. Doris Mbono,I am the Wife of Mr David Mbono, from Darfur
Region,Sudan. My husband was the owner of Omar Sea Food Industry in Darfur
which supplies most  Central African Countries with sea food till it was
discovered by the Rebels forces in Darfur that portion of farmland which
my husband has located the business was rich in Oil and Mineral Resources.

As a result of the oil discovered in the land,the Government and Rebel
Movement started having misunderstanding over who will take control of the

This led to war in Darfur and the the rebels started killing  people in
Darfur.In the process my husband was murdered in cold blood and the Farm
land and the Sea Food Industry located on it  were taken over by the
rebels and  burnt down.

Prior to the crisis, my husband had moved ( US$25.500,000) Twenty-Five
Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars to South Africa which
he deposited in a private Security & Finance Company in the name of my son
Mr. Jerry Mbono as the beneficiary.

The Rebels has murdered my husband believing no member of the family will
challenge their authority over the land but we the rest members of the
family has stood in resistance against them.As a result of our
resistance,the rebels has been tracing to kill me and my son my son.

We decided to flee Darfur to Johannesburg, South Africa to seek Asylum
We do not have any other possession save for the money my husband has
deposited in the security company in South Africa.

All the documents issued when my husband has deposited the consignment of
the fund  has been handed over to our family Lawyer in South Africa who 
has assisted my late husband in depositing the consignment with the
security company.
The financial laws in South Africa on Refugees do not warrant us  as
refugees to invest the funds here and we cannot operate any bank account

For this reason we decided to look for a Foreign Partner who will assist
us in moving the funds out of South Africa for my family investment. In
our search for a reliable person,we got your contact from the world
chamber of commerce directory in South Africa.

We believe we could have a good relationship with you. We have decided to
offer you 25% of the total amount, 5% mapped out to defray all expenses
that will be incurred during the course of the transaction, while the
remaining 70%will be for my family and will be invested in your country
under your management.

I know this message may have come to you as a surprise but please see it
as an avenue to help a widow to evacuate her money to a safer place for a
life time investment since we cannot go back to Sudan again.

I will like you to reply me urgently so i will give you more information
on how you will proceed to get the money from the security company and
transfer it to your country .
Please reply in my private email account (

i will be expecting  to hear from you,

Have a nice day
With Love from
Mrs Doris Mbono

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