Thursday, 22 April 2010

Online Banking Security Team / Your Egg Messages

Today we have a two fake messages from the "Egg" online bank (yes - for those of you from overseas there really is an online bank in the UK called Egg!!)

The second scammer, at the bottom of the page, has used one of those "fill in the blanks" scam templates, and forgotten to change it all - so although the email claimed to come from Egg, the contents tell me about my Halifax bank account.  Note to scammer - must try harder.

NEVER click on a link in a bank email - even if it appears to come from your own bank.  ALWAYS enter the address of your bank directly into your web browser.

These scammers are after your bank account and credit card details.  If you think you have accidentally given your bank details to a scammer, contact your bank immediately.

Dear Valued Customer,
Financial institutions around the world have always been subject to attempts
by criminals to try and defraud money from them and their customers. These
attempts can occur in a number of ways (e.g. credit card fraud,
telephone banking or Internet scams).

As a part of our ongoing commitment to provide the "Best Possible" service
and Protection to all our Members in year "2010", we are now requiring each
member to validate their accounts using our new secure and safe SSL servers.
To validate your online banking account click on  
Log In To Online Banking . *This Email has being sent to all Egg Bank customers, and it is compulsory
to follow as failure to verify account details will lead to account suspension.*

Thank you.
Online Banking Security Team
Egg Bank Online
? 2010 All Rights Reserved Egg Bank United Kingdom

Egg Message CenterWelcome to "My Message" Service , A New message Of deposition has just been sent to your Halifax online Message Center and here is an alert to inform you that you have 1 new message from Halifax Plc Message Center.
Egg UK customers may use this service to contact us with enquiries regarding your accounts or the products and services we offer. From time to time, we will also use 'My messages' to contact you. This may be in relation to existing products and services which you have with us or to keep you informed of enhancements to our products and services. Be sure to check 'My messages' regularly for any new messages. 'My messages' will only retain 10 messages so you may want to delete those you do not need. Click to view 'My Message" to read your new messages now . 
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