Friday, 23 April 2010

Gold Offer

"Usman Ameno" doesn't want to sell you anything.  He doesn't have any gold. What he wants is to take your money.  At $15k for each kilogram of gold you order, he will be rubbing his hands in glee.  You will be thousands of dollars out of pocket - there will be no gold - and the scammer will laughing all the way to the bank - or his local Western Union or Moneygram office - or however he asks you send the money.

Ignore him.

We Promos - Gold Bamako, Republique of Mali, We are contacting you in respect of Gold dust and Gold bars which we have ready for sell, description as below...

1. Gold dust and gold bars.
2. Gold dust 315kgs , Gold bars 76kgs
3. 22.3carats / 96%fineness and better
4. origin of Republique of Mali.
5. Price: $15,000usd per kilogram.

The procedure for shipment of gold dust/dore bars, 22+carat, as follows.
1. Seller arrange shipment of the gold dust (first shipment 20kgs) direct to buyer's refinery.
2. Buyer will take care of the customs export duty (at goods country of origine) of the product which is 6.5% invoice price of goods.
3. Seller will pay the customs export duty, get all exportation documents, after that, seller will ship the goods direct to buyer's refinery based on the address given by buyer.
4. Buyer recieve the goods, refine and confirm the quality of the goods.
5. After refining of the goods, buyer will pay into the association accounts invoice price of gold based on net gold refined, buyer will deduct the customs export duty cost which he paid to enable exportation of goods. and payment should not exceed 72hours after reciept of assay report from the refinery.
6. After the first shipment is done, seller and buyer will sign a 12months supply contract of au dust, based on 50kgs shipment every month.

Contact :

Tell: +223 66050760

Kind Regards.
Usman Amenu

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